3M Earplug Lawsuit

Atlanta 3M Earplug Lawsuit

The U.S. Legal Defense Logistics Agency put trust in 3M Company during the years of 2003 and 2015 by purchasing millions of dollars’ worth of Dual-Ended Combat Arms™ Earplugs (CAEv2) and distributing them to thousands of United States soldiers. 3M earplugs were provided as part of military members’ equipment when deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan during this twelve-year period.

It wasn’t until after soldiers used the earplugs in combat, however, that the military discovered the defectiveness of the purchased equipment. Unfortunately, the earplugs were defective by design, which put users at risk for hearing loss.

If you served in the military between the years of 2003 and 2015, used 3M CAEv2 earplugs as a part of your equipment, and now suffer hearing loss or impairment, then you may be eligible for compensation. If you have a possible Atlanta 3M earplug lawsuit, a lawyer from Fischer Redavid PLLC can look into your case and assist you in seeking the settlement you deserve.

If you’re a current or former military member who’s suffered hearing loss from wearing 3M earplugs, then you may be eligible for compensation. A 3M earplug attorney in Atlanta can assess your injuries and guide you through the lawsuit process.

How 3M Earplugs Were Defective

The CAEv2 earplugs created by 3M were found to be defective because they were too short, which didn’t allow them to effectively block out noise and protect the ears of soldiers. Because the earplugs were too short, they could also loosen and cause exposure to dangerous noise.

Documents were discovered showing that 3M knew about the defect associated with their dual-ended earplugs in 2000; however, they didn’t warn the military until much later, which led to an increased number of injuries. After 3M received thousands of complaints related to hearing loss and impairment from military members, the company agreed to pay soldiers $9.1 million in damages for their claims.

Filing an Atlanta 3M Earplug Claim

If you live in the Atlanta area and believe you’re eligible for a 3M earplug claim, then you can take legal action with the help of an experienced attorney.

To receive a settlement, you’ll need evidence to support your claim, including proof that you served in the military between the years of 2003 and 2015. You’ll also need proof that the 3M dual-ended earplugs in question were part of your standard military equipment while in service. Lastly, you must show medical records of your hearing loss, which will link the defective 3M earplug use to your injury.

Contact an Atlanta 3M Earplug Attorney

You may be hesitant to take legal action for your hearing loss if you aren’t familiar with the legal process, but with the help of an attorney from Fischer Redavid PLLC, you can feel confident that your Atlanta 3M earplug lawsuit is in the right hands. Our Atlanta team will work hard to win you compensation from the manufacturers for the injustice you’ve experienced.

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