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People who are convicted of crimes and sent to prison retain many of their rights. Among these rights is the right to basic medical care, as well as the right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment, abuse, and assault. Unfortunately, these rights are often ignored by prison guards, correctional officers, wardens, and others responsible for ensuring the rights of the imprisoned are upheld. 

If you or someone you love was injured while in prison or did not receive prompt, adequate medical care while incarcerated, you could have grounds for a personal injury case. At Fischer Redavid PLLC, we handle complex prison injury cases, including claims involving prison medical malpractice, correctional officer abuse, cruel and unusual punishment, and more. Our prison injury attorneys believe in standing up for the rights of all people and are committed to holding negligent parties accountable for the harm they cause.

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Your Rights While Incarcerated 

If you have been convicted of a crime and sentenced to prison time, this does not mean that you do not have any rights. In fact, incarcerated persons are entitled to several important rights. 

Among these rights are the right to: 

  • Free speech 
  • Religious practice 
  • Humane conditions 
  • Prompt and adequate medical care 
  • Mental health care 
  • Nutrition 
  • Work (with some exceptions) 
  • Freedom from cruel or unusual punishment 
  • Freedom from sexual harassment, abuse, and discrimination 

Violations of these rights constitute violations of your civil rights. If you are injured or suffer new or worsened medical conditions as a result of inhumane conditions, lack of medical or mental health care, poor nutrition, or other rights violations, you could be entitled to financial compensation. 

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At Fischer Redavid PLLC, we stand up for the rights of all people from all walks of life, including the convicted and the incarcerated. Our attorneys are dedicated advocates for the rights of incarcerated persons, and we believe in fighting back against correctional officer abuse, prison medical malpractice, and other injustices that cause undue pain and suffering. 

Our team is ready to help you seek the justice you are owed. A successful prison injury claim can allow you to recover compensation for damages such as medical expenses and bills, pain and suffering, and other economic and noneconomic losses. 

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What Is Prison Medical Malpractice? 

In general, medical malpractice refers to substandard medical care, or medical care that does not meet the generally accepted standards of care held by the industry. Prison medical malpractice, therefore, occurs when an incarcerated individual does not receive medical care that meets the accepted standard of care, as defined by the circumstances. 

Some examples of prison medical malpractice include: 

  • Denying inmates access to medical care 
  • Delaying access to medical care 
  • Denying life-saving or vital treatment 
  • Ignoring requests for medical care 
  • Ignoring inmates’ injuries, illnesses, or medical conditions
  • Allowing unnecessary pain and suffering
  • Failing to adequately address mental health concerns
  • Failing to prevent death by suicide 
  • Denying inmates access to medical drug or alcohol detoxification 
  • Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of a medical condition 
  • Prescribing, dispensing, or administering the wrong medication or wrong dosage
  • Failure to treat or delayed treatment of a medical condition 

The consequences of prison medical malpractice can be severe. Many inmates suffer needless pain, experience worsened medical conditions, or even die as a result of mistreatment, misconduct, and malpractice. If this happened to you or someone you love, reach out to the prison injury lawyers at Fischer Redavid PLLC right away to learn how we can help you fight for justice.

Correctional Officer Abuse 

Correctional officer abuse is an insidious and widespread problem in U.S. prison systems. All too often, correctional officers take advantage of their authority to cause harm to inmates, including bodily injury.

Examples of correctional officer abuse include: 

  • Excessive use of force 
  • Assaulting inmates 
  • Sexual abuse of inmates 
  • Harassment and discrimination 
  • Unjustified use of tasers and/or pepper spray 
  • Destroying personal property without cause 
  • Overuse of restraints 
  • Cruel and unusual punishment 
  • Psychological abuse of inmates 
  • Refusing medical treatment 
  • Ignoring an inmate’s injury or illness 
  • Ignoring requests for medical attention or care 
  • Failure to intervene 

If you were injured, or if you believe your loved one passed away due to correctional officer abuse, you could have a civil lawsuit against the liable party. We encourage you to contact our prison injury lawyers for help. With multiple office locations, we represent clients throughout Florida, Georgia, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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