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Often, we trust property owners to keep their property safe for those they welcome. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and the results can be unpleasant. If you’ve been injured in a slip-and-fall accident or a similar event, you may be entitled to compensation. 

Fortunately, the law offers you an opportunity for recovery. Keep in mind that your legal battle could be a difficult and long ordeal if you don’t have legal guidance. Speak with an Atlanta premises liability lawyer at Fischer Redavid PLLC as soon as possible after the accident. 

When Should I File a Premises Liability Claim?

Premises liability is a legal concept that applies to certain personal injury cases. These cases involve injuries caused by the property owner’s failure to keep their property safe for visitors. For example, a store ignoring a spill of olive oil may be liable for the physical injuries and mental stress you suffered. 

Proving liability in this scenario can be difficult. The crucial factor is negligence, as in almost all personal injury cases. You’ll also need to demonstrate that your injuries were the direct result of a dangerous condition, the owner should have been aware of that flaw in their property, and they didn’t take the steps necessary to keep everyone safe. 

Gathering evidence can be difficult for cases involving premises liability. As a victim, you also need to be careful about your actions, as it’s easy to make mistakes that will be used by the at-fault party to ruin your claim and diminish your settlement. When filing a claim, take advantage of a lawyer’s experience to take the right steps forward. 

Injuries in Premises Liability Cases 

Physical injuries resulting from this situation can render you unable to work, reduce your enjoyment of life and cause financial stress. Having to deal with expensive medical bills while you’re unable to earn money is a terrible scenario, and you should never find yourself in these conditions. 

After a premises liability accident, many victims put the blame on themselves or act as if nothing happened. Symptoms resulting from falls or impacts can take several days to show up, and once they realize something’s wrong, they’ve already lost their chance of a successful case. Delaying medical care is never the answer in this scenario.

If you’ve been injured in a premises liability accident, here are some of the injuries you may have suffered: 

Reporting Your Injuries

It doesn’t matter whether you were in a privately-owned building, like an apartment or a grocery store, or the accident took place while you were on public property owned by the government. In either case, reporting the accident should always be a priority. 

Reporting allows you to get the accident on record. Providing you with a report that contains important details about how and where it happened can help preserve the memory of your accident. This is an important piece of evidence that will help your lawyer during your case, as they can use it during negotiations to provide you with an adequate settlement. 

Your Insurance Policy Process

It’s a common myth that insurance companies have your best interests in mind and want to compensate you fairly. The trust is that adjusters want nothing more than to protect their profits and will put the company’s conditions before yours. They’re waiting for a mistake after you file a claim, so they can step in and explain why you don’t deserve to be compensated.

To avoid your claim’s dismissal, be careful when speaking to insurance companies. If they contact you after you’ve been injured by an owner’s negligence, you should only share your basic information. Making statements will give them something they can use against you in the future, that’s why you should keep details and how you feel to yourself. 

Insurance companies will also try to waste time. They know that an injured individual with financial troubles wants to be compensated as soon as possible. They want you to give up and accept a lowball settlement offer so you can get rid of your legal troubles. Because of this, you should always let a premises liability lawyer speak with adjusters. 

They have the knowledge needed to understand if you’re being treated fairly and know how to negotiate aggressively with adjusters who want to waste time. Accepting an offer without speaking with an attorney first is the biggest mistake you can make, and one that will cripple your finances for a long time. 

Common Mistakes in Premises Liability Claims

When you’re hurt in an accident and are struggling to recover your health, it’s easy to make a mistake. Unfortunately, when your future is on the line, you can’t afford a mistake. 

Don’t let the at-fault party get away with their negligence over a small mistake. Talk to your lawyer about avoiding the pitfalls of any of these liability claims. 

Using Social Media Improperly

Many victims ignore that evidence obtained from social media can be used against them, even in a court of law. It also doesn’t matter if the content that’s relevant to the accident is public or private. That’s why you should never utilize social media after an accident by sharing details about your injuries or talking about it on your feed and comment sections. 

You want to be compensated for everything you’re going through, including the inability to perform certain activities. If you make posts that include pictures and videos that contradict your statements, rest assured that insurance adjusters will notice. They and any professional figure representing the business you’re suing will take a close look at it before your case is closed. 

It would be better to avoid social media entirely after an accident, as you never know what could be used as evidence. Even a simple post where you tell your loved ones that you’re feeling better could be used by potential defendants to make it seem like you’re exaggerating your injuries, your pain, and your suffering. 

Ignoring the Statute of Limitations

Hesitating or wasting time after you’re injured in a premises liability accident will hurt your claim in more ways than one. It can even destroy your chances of receiving the money you need to fix this tricky situation. Legal issues that involve a personal injury caused by negligence or carelessness have a statute of limitations of two years

Your claim will be dismissed immediately if you don’t act within the time limit. Even if you decide to wait a year before moving forward with your claim, you’re still at risk of losing evidence, your medical records might not reflect your current situation, and calculating all the expenses you already had to take care of can be almost impossible without the proper documentation. 

Representing Yourself

Insurance adjusters will try to convince you of the fact that you don’t need an Atlanta premises liability attorney, and that looking for the right one to file an effective claim would be a waste of your time and money. If they can take care of it, you have no reason to seek additional help, but listening to them can ruin your health and your finances. 

The reason behind these statements is that insurance companies want you to represent yourself. They know that you’re not aware of all the obstacles you could face when you’re looking to be compensated, and with no one to inform you of the best way to proceed after a premises liability accident, they’ll be free to proceed according to their version of the facts. 

Handling your legal battle alone results in more trouble than it’s worth, especially if it’s your first time pursuing a claim like this. Contacting an attorney is your best move because they’ve already dealt with many cases like this in the past. Because of this, they know how to negotiate based on the circumstances that led to your accident and won’t let defendants take advantage of you. 

You also don’t have to be afraid of the costs when hiring a lawyer. Personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee, which means that their fees will come out of your settlement. If we don’t win your claim, you don’t pay us anything. 

Contact an Atlanta Premises Liability Attorney 

A qualified lawyer’s presence can drastically increase your chances of receiving a good settlement offer. Your attorney can tackle your case, pursuing the compensation you’re due no matter what. 

The lawyers at Fischer Redavid PLLC know that you don’t deserve to suffer because someone failed to make their property a safe place for all guests. Our lawyers will help you fight back so you don’t have to pay for all losses caused by someone else’s irresponsible actions. 

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