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Prison deaths are an unfortunate reality of both federal and state prisons. The victim’s family may be legally entitled to compensatory damages when an inmate dies due to the negligence of another party. Our prison wrongful death attorneys in Georgia can help your family file a lawsuit if your loved one fell victim to such a tragedy.

An inmate may be killed due to deliberate or unintentional negligence of other parties. These parties can include fellow inmates, correctional officers, or others.

Common Causes of Prison Deaths

Several factors contribute to prison inmate deaths. In many cases, death occurs within seven days of being sent to prison. 

Some of the most common causes of prison deaths include:

  • Suicide: Actual or apparent suicide is the most common cause of prison fatality. Inmates may be unable to handle being imprisoned or may suffer from mental disorders. This can lead them to death by suicide.
  • Medical emergency: Some prisoners have medical problems that require urgent attention. When medical care is not forthcoming or provided on time, the problems can worsen and sometimes result in death.
  • Violence: Excessive use of force by correctional officers or fellow prisoners can lead to fatal injuries for an inmate.
  • Drug or alcohol intoxication: Some prisoners arrive at prison with substance abuse problems. Some of them are even intoxicated at the time of their incarceration. A vast number of these prisoners suffer severe withdrawal symptoms, which may combine with existing medical conditions to cause death.

Who Is Liable?

The Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution mandates that no cruel or unusual punishments shall be meted out to prisoners. In addition, prison officials are responsible for taking reasonable care to ensure the safety of the inmates.

The negligence of prison officials can result in the death of an inmate. When proving negligence in a prison death claim, you must show that officials acted with “deliberate indifference.”

This involves proving two things — you must prove that a prison official was well aware that there was a significant risk of harm to the victim and that the official failed to take any reasonable measures to avert or minimize this risk.

Federal and state prisons are typically immune from being sued for the death of an inmate. However, the Federal Tort Claims Act creates an exception that allows you to hold the liable party accountable.

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