Attorney Referrals

Is your law firm too busy to handle the more complicated cases that come your way? If you refer a case to our team, we can handle it from start to finish and pay you a percentage of the fees we receive.

We Take the Time to Maximize a Settlement

Getting the largest settlement for a client undoubtedly takes time. Not all law firms have the bandwidth to handle every case they receive. When you refer a case to us, we’ll work hard to maximize the settlement so you and the client walk away happy.

We have signed six-figure referral checks on single cases, and we’re ready to cut a check for you, too.

We Aren’t Afraid to Go to Trial

Many law firms settle cases pretrial because it’s both cost-effective and timely. Our team, however, will take any case to trial if we feel it reaps the best results. If you have a case that you think will benefit from a trial verdict but don’t have the time to take it all the way, bring it to us. We’ll reward you for your referral.

Complex Cases Don’t Scare Us

If you’re considering referring your case to another law firm, you can trust our team to handle the most complex of cases. We have experience in a variety of practice areas, with specialization in child injuries, negligent design of buildings and structures, and class action product liability.

When We Win, You Win

Put simply, every time you refer a case to us, you get paid. This is passive income for your firm and will result in increased credibility.

Refer a case today! You can get in touch with us via our online contact form or by calling (888) 694-0708.

  • $11.9 Million Settlement Civil Rights / Pretrial Detainee / Medical Negligence

    Our law firm obtained a global settlement of $11.9 Million from multiple at-fault parties, including corporations and government agencies, for our client who was a pretrial detainee in a county jail and the victim of medical negligence and deliberate indifference to his serious medical needs in violation of the Fourteenth Amendment.

  • $5 Million Settlement Car Accident / Wrongful Death / Serious Bodily Injury

    Our law firm represented a family who suffered a life-altering loss on Christmas Day. The patriarch of the family had recently become a grandfather. When all the family gathered at his house for Christmas festivities, he and his adult son ran out to the local gas station to grab soda and chips.

  • $5 Million Verdict Rear-End Collision/ Car Accident

    Our client was the rear-seat passenger in a car service arranged to take her back and forth to medical appointments. The driver of her car caused an accident and refused to call 911.

  • $3.2M Verdict in Lee County, Florida $3.2M Verdict in Lee County, Florida for a 22-year-old brain injury Victim

    $3.2M Verdict in Lee County, Florida for a 22-year-old brain injury victim.

  • $3 Million Settlement Truck Crash / Wrongful Death / Serious Bodily Injury

    Our law firm represented the estate of one brother who died in a tragic truck crash, and his brother, who survived the crash. The two brothers were on a motorcycle headed home from band practice.

  • $2.5 Million Verdict Uber Accident / Traumatic Brain Injury

    Our client was a passenger in an Uber that was hit in a March 2018 car accident and suffered injuries. We filed a claim against Progressive insurance company and obtained a verdict of $2.5 million in a trial in Miami-Dade County, Florida.