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We have recovered millions for our personal injury clients, won jury trials around the state, and we have an outstanding track record.
$11,990,101 Professional Negligence / Civil Rights
$5,000,000 Auto Crash

Our client, a middle-aged woman, was a passenger in a sedan driven by an employee of a commercial transportation company in Orlando. While heading home the driver caused a rear-end collision. Our client lost a tooth due to the impact, as well as herniations in her neck and back. She got injections for pain relief but never any surgeries. Total medical bills were less than $25,000. Verdict not defended.

$5,000,000 Wrongful Death and Bad Faith
$3,000,000 Fatal Truck Crash
$2,500,000 Auto Crash

Our client was a passenger in an Uber that was hit in a March 2018 car accident and suffered injuries. We filed a claim against Progressive insurance company and obtained a verdict of $2.5 million in a trial in Miami-Dade County, Florida.

$2,100,000 Premises Liability Involving a Minor
$2,000,000 Auto Crash

We obtained a $2,000,000 settlement for our client who injured his leg in an automobile crash. This is a recent settlement with more information coming soon.

$1,000,000 Burn Injury
$1,000,000 Premises Liability
$875,000 Premises Liability, Brain & Spine Injuries
$750,000 Premises Liability

On March 2, 2014, plaintiff Elijah Johnson, a 62 year old disabled man, went to a flea market in Homestead Florida, owned and operated by the Defendant, Redland Market Village, Inc. When he arrived, he was faced with no open gates, even though the market was open, no signs or directions telling him where to go. As a result, after seeing others doing it, Mr. Johnson attempted to cross over a downed portion of the fence and fell, breaking his leg and requiring emergency surgery. We contended that the Defendants were negligent in its failure to properly maintain its fence coupled with the failure to have open gates, posted signs and other directions to its customers. We also conceded some responsibility on behalf of Mr. Johnson. The defendant argued that it did not do anything wrong, properly maintained its premises and that the entire incident was the responsibility of Mr. Johnson. The jury disagreed and found Redland Market Village, Inc. 75% negligent, with 25% negligence on Mr. Johnson, awarding Mr. Johnson $750,000. The award included $140,000 in past and future medical expenses, and $610,000 in past and future pain and suffering.

$495,000 Premises Liability
$425,000 Civil Rights, Sexual Assault of a Minor
$420,000 Auto Accident

Settlement in Auto Accident involving a Dump Truck: Client involved in a motor vehicle accident where she was struck by a dump truck who ran through a red light. Client injured shoulder, neck and back and required surgical intervention. Client was involved in two prior automobile accidents with similar complaints of pain.

$350,000 Trip-and-Fall

(Miami-Dade County, FL) Client was a male in his twenties who, when descending a concrete staircase on a commercial property, tripped and fell down, severely injuring his back, because the support railing came off the wall. There was evidence that the commercial property had prior actual notice of the railing being loose. Case resolved at mediation mere months away from trial.

$319,914 Negligent Security

Plaintiff struck in face during a softball tournament suffering multiple facial injuries. On May 30, 2015, Mr. Ayub was participating in a softball tournament when he was struck in the face by another player outside the field of play. We contended that the Defendant should have anticipated the attack based on the assailant’s reputation in the softball community and from prior altercations that occurred during the same softball tournament and included physical violence and the use of racial slurs. Mr. Ayub suffered multiple facial injuries as a result of the incident. The defendant argued that it was not in exclusive possession or control of the premises where the altercation occurred. Additionally, it contended that Miami Dade County, as the owner of the par, had the responsibility to insure the safety of the participants. The jury disagreed and found Competitive Softball Promotions 100% negligence, with no negligence on behalf of Mr. Ayub and Miami Dade County, awarding Mr. Ayub damages of $319,914.71. The award included $169,914.71 in medical expenses, $50,000 in past pain and suffering and $100,00 in future pain and suffering.

$300,000 Employment Dispute
$255,000 Auto Crash
$245,000 Premises Liability, Slip-and-Fall
$231,000 Negligent Security
$225,000 Auto Crash, Presuit
$219,999 Commercial Truck Crash, Sovereign Immunity
$212,000 Auto Crash
$200,000 Auto Crash

Settlement in an Auto Accident. Client rear-ended by another vehicle resulting in an elbow injury and a traumatic brain injury. Minor damage to the vehicles. Conservative treatment only with no surgery performed.

$200,000 Sovereign Immunity, Police Chase Resulting in Crash
$192,165 Auto Accident

Caregiver lost job after injuring back in car accident. On January 2, 2015, plaintiff Lorna Stennett, a 56-year-old caregiver, was traveling in a shopping center parking lot at 4799 Coconut Creek Pkwy in Coconut Creek. She came to a stop at a stop sign and waited to make a right turn. Saul Dreier, who was coming from the right, then attempted to make a left turn into the lane next to Ms. Stennett. His car then hit Ms. Stennett’s car head on. She claimed she suffered a lower back injury. Ms. Stennett sued Mr. Dreier and claimed he was negligent in the operation of his vehicle. The defense conceded negligence. The trial addressed causation and damages. The Defendant alleged that Ms. Stennett did not suffer a permanent injury. The jury disagreed. The jury determined that Stennett did sustain a permanent injury and awarded her $192,165 in damages. That included $23,915 for past medical expenses, $62,500 for future medical expenses, $5,750 for past lost earnings, $10,000 for past pain and suffering, and $90,000 for future pain and suffering.

$175,000 Premises Liability, Fall in Elevator
$150,000 Shore Excursion

Minor injured while participating on a shore excursion in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Client suffered leg injury on a zip line tour requiring conservative treatment only.

$150,000 Auto Crash

Client was struck by two other vehicles after they were each impacted by a commercial truck. Client suffered a wrist injury. Conservative treatment with no surgery performed and the commercial truck company settled prior to the filing of a lawsuit.

$150,000 Auto Crash

Client was rear-ended by a commercial vehicle with very minor damage to the vehicles. Fractured rib, neck and back injuries. Conservative treatment only with a series of injections.

$150,000 Medical Malpractice
$150,000 Premises Liability
$140,000 Commercial Bus Crash
$140,000 Medical Malpractice, Presuit
$137,500 Civil Rights, Excessive Force
$128,500 Auto Accident

Settlement in an Auto Accident. Client involved in two motor vehicle accidents within 6 weeks of one another. Client injured neck and back and underwent conservative treatment only.

$125,000 Bicycle Accident

Client was riding a bike when she was struck by a vehicle coming out of parking lot. Client injured back and underwent surgical intervention. Insurance company for driver tendered the full policy limits prior to filing lawsuit.

$100,000 Slip-and-Fall

(Pinellas County, FL) – Client was a tenant who was walking to an on-site laundry facility in his apartment complex. The sidewalk had standing water that was negligently created by sprinkler and runoff equipment. Client slipped and fell, sustaining a fracture to his ankle.


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