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  • What is murder in the second degree?

    When the state of Florida brings murder charges, they can bring it as first, second, or third degree. If you commit murder in the first degree, it ...
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  • Can brain damage be repaired?

    When dealing with brain damage from a brain injury, the road to recovery can be long, it can be arduous, it can be different for every individual, and ...
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  • What is murder in the first degree?

    Accusing someone of murder in the first degree, otherwise known as capital murder , is the most serious type of felony crime the state can possibly ...
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  • What Is Lumbar Radiculopathy?

    When you think of lumbar radiculopathy, you’re really thinking of two issues . The first issue is the discomfort someone feels traveling down from ...
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  • How accurate is a breathalyzer test?

    Driving under the influence, also known as DUI, is an offense that is most commonly supported by the results of a blood alcohol test or a breath ...
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  • What can cause brain damage?

    A variety of things can lead to brain damage. What we commonly see in our practice and the case that come into our office is really two main causes: ...
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  • What is erb's palsy?

    Erb's palsy is something you see a lot of times in a difficult birth where a child or a newborn has developed a paralysis of the arm. There's injury ...
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  • How long is a DUI on my record?

    That’s a complex question because there are a lot of things that could happen, but you really have to be smart about it, and your lawyer really has to ...
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