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Construction workers have to deal with multiple risks every day. Following safety protocols and applying the right measures can significantly lower the chances of a severe injury, but all it takes is a distraction and the worst-case scenario can take place. That’s why property owners and your employer have a legal duty to keep all workers safe.

Unfortunately, this duty isn’t always taken seriously, and unsafe work environments still happen. If you’ve been injured or you lost a loved one because of negligence and carelessness, an Atlanta construction accident lawyer can help you seek compensation. Talk to the attorneys at Fischer Redavid PLLC for the help you need after a construction accident.

Injuries in Construction Accidents

When you’re suffering because of injuries that were the direct result of a construction accident, the biggest mistake you can make is ignoring your symptoms. It could take a few days before you understand the full extent of your trauma, and if you don’t take legal action as soon as possible, you could destroy your chances of receiving a good settlement offer. 

Insurance companies and property owners can accuse you of exaggerating your injuries and committing actions that could have worsened them. If you’re not sure if you’re injured, talk to your doctor after a construction accident to determine whether you’ve suffered any of the following injuries. 

Head Trauma and Brain Injuries

One of the most important pieces of safety equipment on a construction site is a helmet. It can protect you from impacts and will significantly reduce the possibility of ending up with a brain injury. Unfortunately, when factors like negligence and carelessness are the reason behind an accident, head trauma is still a serious risk.

Brain injuries can be caused by falling objects, tools, and heavy materials, along with unexpected falls because of an unsafe work environment. These injuries can cause permanent disabilities, which can take the ability to generate income for life. 

A fatal accident is also possible, which can leave you or your family grieving and in financial straits. Talk to your construction accident lawyer in Atlanta if you’ve suffered a traumatic brain injury and need help with your long-term recovery. 

Lacerations and Cuts

Tools are necessary for a construction worker, and they need to be well maintained and used properly to eliminate the chance of an injury. This is typically not a problem when safety standards are respected, but when you have to work with a defective product that’s unable to perform as intended, it’s easy to get cut even if you’re wearing protective gear. 

This may sound like a minor injury, but when you experience lacerations, your tendons and muscle tissue can be severely damaged. These injuries can render you unable to work for a long time. If a cut gets infected because of an exposed nail, for example, you’ll also have to follow a specific treatment to avoid complications. 

Repetitive Motions

Performing tasks that require the same motions every day has probably become a habit for many construction workers. It’s easy to forget that bending, lifting heavy objects, and repeating the same motions can put a remarkable amount of stress on your muscles. It can even damage your tendons or nerves. 

Soft tissue damage can limit your mobility and cause pain in the long term, which will reduce your enjoyment of life. That can be difficult if you’re unable to go through your daily routine or practice your hobbies as you used to before the injury. The pain and the emotional toll that injury takes can leave a lasting mark on your life. 

Liability in a Construction Accident Claim

Identifying the at-fault party is the first step to consider when you’re seeking compensation by filing a construction accident claim. They’re responsible for your injuries and must be considered liable before you’re able to receive the money you deserve. 

But who can you sue for an Atlanta construction accident? Here are a few possibilities you may explore with your lawyer when you plan to sue. 

Suing the Property Owner

Property owners and construction companies are often defendants in construction accident cases. You’ll have to file a workers’ compensation claim, which will take care of your expenses while you’re unable to work. An experienced Atlanta construction accident lawyer will make sure that lost wages are included in your settlement. 

In some cases, the property owner or construction company is unwilling to help you overcome your injuries. When this happens, you may be denied workers compensation in bad faith, or the companies may claim you weren’t really injured on the job. When this happens, reach out to a construction accident lawyer who can help you file your personal injury claim and get the funds you’re due. 

Manufacturing Defects

Other parties are not exempt from being considered liable if their negligent behavior caused your injuries. You may even sue manufacturers of equipment and tools if you were injured by a defective product. 

For example, let’s say you’re hurt because a forklift malfunctioned and caused an accident, severely injuring you. Even if the driver did everything right, the forklift still malfunctioned. In these cases, you may have grounds for a lawsuit against the manufacturer who built a defective tool that led to serious injuries. 

What if an Employer Is Negligent?

When you’re involved in a construction accident because of an employer’s negligence, the situation changes. Workers’ compensation programs might not be enough to preserve your financial stability, which is why you may need to file a personal injury claim. The key to success for this type of claim is negligence, and you’re required to prove it before you can be compensated.

To do so, you’ll have to keep several factors in mind: 

  • The employer owed you a duty of care, which refers to their legal obligation to keep the environment safe
  • This duty was breached, as the employer failed to provide safety gear and create an environment without dangerous conditions
  • You were severely injured because of this breach
  • This situation could have been avoided by exercising the right amount of caution and taking preventative measures

Gathering evidence after a construction accident is important, but when you’re severely injured it can feel impossible to do so in an effective manner. Don’t forget that you can let an Atlanta construction accident attorney take care of this part while you focus on your recovery. 

A Qualified Lawyer Can Help You

Dealing with legal issues, injuries, and financial hardships is not something you should do alone. A construction accident is a terrible event, but if you seek proper legal guidance, you’ll be able to make things right and take your life back. 

The lawyers at Fischer Redavid PLLC are aware of the strategies used by insurance companies to deny your claim and won’t let a negligent employer take advantage of your situation. We can help you build your case so you can seek justice. 

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