Roundup Lawsuit

Miami Roundup Lawsuit 

You’re a farmer, and you’ve used Roundup weed killer for years to control the weeds in your fields. Roundup has been on the market for a long time, and it never crossed your mind that this weed killer wasn’t safe. 

You trusted that the manufacturers created a product that was bad for bugs but safe for humans. You also expected that the government would ensure these products were safe. The manufacturer and the government both failed you. Now you have learned that your cancer was likely caused by the Roundup you were using for so long. What are you going to do? 

Call a lawyer to help you file your Miami Roundup lawsuit. Speak to a lawyer today and tell them about your Miami Roundup case in a free case review.

If you’ve suffered serious illness due to the weed killer known as Roundup, you might be entitled to financial compensation for all you’ve suffered. Reach out to a lawyer for help with your Roundup lawsuit in Miami.

About the Dangers of Roundup

The product known as Roundup is a weed killer that many people have used to eliminate weeds. Those who are at the greatest risk of illness due to exposure to this dangerous product are those who used it on a regular basis. Farmers, nursery owners and workers, gardeners, and landscapers are at an increased risk of developing cancer and other illnesses due to this product.

Monsanto, the company that creates Roundup, could be made to compensate you for your illness.

Compensation for Your Roundup Lawsuit in Miami

Your illness may have been directly caused by your use of the product known as Roundup. You are probably undergoing expensive medical treatments due to your illness. These treatments could be more than you can afford on your own. You could also be missing out on income because you can’t work due to your illness.

You are going to struggle financially because of the defective product known as Roundup and the harm this product has done to you. You deserve to receive full and fair compensation for your illness and suffering, and a Miami lawyer at our firm wants to help you get it. 

Here are some of the damages you could receive compensation for if your Roundup lawsuit in Miami is successful:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical treatment expenses
  • Lost income and lost ability to earn an income
  • Mental distress
  • Permanent injury
  • Lost enjoyment of life

Talk to a Miami Roundup Suit Lawyer about Filing Your Claim

You probably used Roundup for many years before learning that it was causing you harm. Now, you’re dealing with cancer or another related illness because of this dangerous and harmful product. The manufacturer of Roundup could be made to pay you financial compensation for the harm you’ve experienced due to their defective product.

Talk to a Miami lawyer about filing a Miami Roundup lawsuit. A free case review is given to those who call Fischer Redavid PLLC at or who fill out the contact form on this web page.

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