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Miami Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Riding your bicycle in Miami shouldn’t be a dangerous activity, but unfortunately, Florida is the most dangerous state for bicyclists and pedestrians. While trying to save money on transportation or get exercise by riding your bicycle, you could end up with severe injuries when a negligent vehicle driver hits you.

Miami drivers are often speeding, distracted, and unaware of their surroundings. Because bicyclists don’t have the same protection as vehicle drivers when accidents occur, they can get injured or die from the impact of a vehicle collision.

Although a lawsuit can seem stressful when you’re recovering from a traumatic accident, you have the right to hold the driver accountable. At Fischer Redavid PLLC, we have an in-depth understanding of personal injury law in Florida, and we can use our knowledge to obtain justice on your behalf. A Miami bicycle accident lawyer from our team can help you file a personal injury claim

If you were injured on a bicycle because someone else was careless or negligent, then you have the right to reimbursement for your financial and non-financial losses. Discussing your case with a bicycle accident attorney in Miami can be the key to obtaining the compensation you need.

How Bicycle Accidents Happen in Miami

Bicycle accidents often happen in Miami because drivers are careless and negligent on the road. If a driver is speeding, distracted behind the wheel, or driving under the influence, they can hit a bicyclist in a crosswalk or a bike lane. A driver in Miami could forget to check their blind spot when turning or when opening their car door. 

As bicycles become a more common form of transportation, drivers must pay even closer attention to their surroundings, respect the bike lanes, and obey the rules of the road, no matter where they are. 

The Effects of Bicycle Accident Injuries 

Bicycle accident injuries can range in severity and may include bone fractures, spinal damage, and traumatic brain injuries. Even when a bicyclist is wearing a helmet, they can suffer significant and sometimes fatal injuries when they’re hit by a car or when they crash into an inanimate object. 

Bone fractures can require surgery to repair and may lead to a loss of physical ability. Spinal damage can reduce a victim’s motor and sensory function and may cause partial or total paralysis. Traumatic brain injuries have varying side effects, such as amnesia, chronic headaches, loss of learning ability, and changes in personality. 

Suing for Your Miami Bicycle Accident

When suing the driver who hit you in your Miami bicycle accident, you must have evidence to prove your case in court. Even if it’s clear that the driver is responsible, you’ll need evidence such as the police report, photographs, video footage, and witness statements.

The police report could prove that the driver was under the influence of drugs and alcohol, for example. Your lawyer can obtain phone records from the police that prove the driver was texting behind the wheel. Your medical records can help prove that the accident caused your injuries.

Maximizing Your Miami Bicycle Accident Claim

To maximize your Miami bicycle accident claim after proving negligence against the driver, your bicycle accident lawyer in Miami will help you account for all the damages you suffered. Your damages may be economic or non-economic in nature, but it’s essential to consider all the ways the bicycle accident affected your life.

Economic damages can include property damage, any income you’ve lost from missing work, and both present and future medical expenses. Non-economic damages can include pain and suffering, scarring and disfigurement, lost life enjoyment, emotional distress, and loss of consortium. Although non-economic damages are intangible, they tend to be more devastating and long-lasting to victims.

Talk to a Miami Bicycle Accident Attorney

If you don’t have experience filing a legal claim, then it can be helpful to discuss your case with an experienced attorney. You’ll feel more confident moving forward with your case with a strong support system. At Fischer Redavid PLLC, we can use key strategies in court to prove liability and increase your settlement amount.

If you’re ready to speak with a Miami bicycle accident lawyer from our team, you can schedule a free consultation by filling out the contact form below or by calling .


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