Rideshare Accidents

Miami Rideshare Accident Lawyer

When you’re traveling around a big city like Miami, you may want to avoid driving where you can. Whether you’re heading to the bar with friends, sight-seeing, or simply avoiding driving in heavy traffic, you may have relied on a rideshare to get between places. 

Unfortunately, you may not have arrived before your rideshare driver collided with another driver or lost control of the car. 

If this has happened to you, you may need a car accident lawyer from Fischer Redavid PLLC to help you. Your Miami rideshare accident lawyer can help you seek compensation that meets all your needs for a financial recovery. 

Were you injured in a car accident as a rideshare passenger? Reach out to a Miami rideshare accident attorney to learn what options are available to you.

Who Pays for a Miami Rideshare Accident? 

When you’re hurt in a serious rideshare accident in Miami, you may not be looking for someone to blame; you just want compensation that meets your needs and covers your losses after facing one of the worst experiences of your life. But, the liable parties may not be willing to pay for your losses. 

For example, the rideshare company isn’t on your side. They’ve been fighting to prove their rideshare drivers aren’t employees, so you may have a hard time proving they’re liable for the driver’s actions. That puts the responsibility for the accident on the driver. 

In some cases, you may be able to settle with them with your lawyer’s help. They’re supposed to carry commercial drivers insurance, which means you’re covered for up to $1 million

Keep in mind that the insurance company won’t be on your side. Part of a for-profit industry, insurers want to protect their income, so you may need to talk to a Miami lawyer about defending your claim and demanding the maximum compensation you’re due. 

Compensation for Injured Miami Passengers

After a Miami rideshare accident, you may be overwhelmed by the expenses you’re facing, and that’s understandable. The costs of an accident—even if it wasn’t your car that was damages—can be severe. Your dedicated Miami rideshare accident attorney is focused on ensuring you’re not financially destitute after an accident you didn’t cause.

We know that medical bills can be expensive, but what about your long-term leave from work while you heal? You’ll also need to seek compensation for your non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering or emotional trauma. These losses are intangible, but they can affect your life just as much as medical debt. 

We can’t make the accident go away, and we can’t remove the trauma you’ve suffered. What we can do is calculate your total compensation, and seek out that full amount, so you can focus on recovering. 

Talk to Your Miami Rideshare Accident Attorney

When a rideshare driver is careless, you may be the one suffering for it. They may have been careless with your safety, or they may have simply been a victim of a faulty vehicle or road defect. 

At Fischer Redavid PLLC, we understand how difficult it can be to recover, especially when the insurance company and the rideshare company aren’t willing to help. If you’re in this difficult situation, reach out to a Miami rideshare accident lawyer for a free consultation about your claim and how we can help. 

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