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Miami Bus Accident Lawyer

Although bus accidents in Miami aren’t as common as car accidents, the consequences of a bus accident in Miami can be devastating. Many people use the Miami bus system as their sole form of transportation. Each bus may carry upwards of fifty people at once, which means a bus accident can lead to many injury victims and tremendous damages.

If you were injured in a Miami bus accident, you deserve financial restitution for your recovery and suffering. Because you weren’t driving the bus, it’s easy to establish that you weren’t at fault. The trouble, however, is figuring out whom to sue. A Miami bus accident lawyer from Fischer Redavid PLLC can assist you with your legal claim so you can walk away with a sense of justice.

If you suffered injuries after a bus crashed in Miami, then you deserve reimbursement for your losses. A bus accident attorney in Miami can identify the cause of your accident and help you hold the at-fault party accountable.

How Do Bus Accidents Occur in Miami?

Bus accidents in Miami can occur for various reasons. Determining the cause of your bus accident can help you identify the at-fault party in your case. Your bus accident may occur because of negligence on behalf of your Miami bus driver. For example, your bus driver may be distracted while driving, improperly changing lanes, or drowsy behind the wheel.

Another negligent driver could have collided with your bus in Miami and led to the accident. Roadway hazards, such as potholes, missing guardrails, and broken traffic signals can lead to bus accidents in Miami, too. Alternatively, a lack of bus maintenance or a bus malfunction may cause your bus to wreck.

Determining Liability for Your Miami Bus Accident

If your bus driver in Miami caused your bus accident, you may have to sue the company they work for. If a negligent driver collides with your bus, then you can sue the driver personally. Depending on the roadway hazard that causes your Miami bus accident, it’s possible to sue the government for negligence.

When a lack of bus maintenance or a bus malfunction causes your wreck, you can hold the bus repair company or the bus manufacturer liable for your damages. Because each type of bus accident in Miami will result in a different at-fault party, you may need help from a bus accident lawyer in Miami to get your case sorted out. 

Getting the Most out of Your Miami Bus Accident Claim

To get the most out of your Miami bus accident claim, you should consider all the ways the accident has affected your lifestyle. You can account for both your economic and non-economic damages, with economic damages being financial losses and non-economic damages being non-financial. 

Economic damages may include medical expenses, lost income, and property damage. Non-economic damages may include pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and emotional distress. 

Contact a Miami Bus Accident Attorney

When a bus accident in Miami occurs, the aftermath can be devastating. Our team at Fischer Redavid PLLC want to help you recover quickly by maximizing your settlement. Although a settlement won’t necessarily heal your injuries, it can help you receive treatment and make the healing process easier.

To schedule a free consultation with a Miami bus accident lawyer from our team, fill out the contact form on this page or call .

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