Dangerous Intersections In Miami

Miami is beautiful, with lovely weather year-round and plenty of attractions for any resident or visitor. You can visit museums, local parks, shopping malls, and party spots, all within the city.

Unfortunately, because so many people are drawn to Miami’s charm, there is a problem with traffic. Not all the roads were designed to serve the number of people that now visit and populate the area. This has resulted in some hazardous driving conditions. Below are five of the most dangerous intersections in Miami, Florida.

Northeast Second Avenue and 36th Street 

This intersection is a major, busy roadway that can be difficult to navigate. With three separate roadways and a railroad track, there is already a lot going on. When even a single driver is distracted, drowsy, or drunk, this intersection can become a major hazard. 

Combine that with awkward timing with traffic lights, and a high volume of frustrated commuters, and you may get some reckless driving. This area is extremely unsafe for bicyclists and pedestrians.

Southwest 117th Avenue and Kendall Drive

Southwest 117th and Kendall Drive is home to a number of high-density apartment complexes and huge, sprawling superstores. That means heavy traffic as people travel to and from stores, go home, or visit others. 

Because of the sheer number of cars that are in this area on a daily basis, the local homeowners association has asked that the construction of new businesses be paused until traffic patterns are improved.

Southwest 117th Avenue and 152nd Street

This particular intersection is home to six high-speed lanes traveling in multiple directions and a host of confusing signage. Even if the signs were clearer, it would still be hard to read them because of these high speeds. 

Police officers are called to this area on a daily basis to deal with traffic issues.

Alton Road and Dade Boulevard

The intersection of Alton Road and Dade Boulevard is known for endless construction. Because of this construction, sections of the road are constantly being blocked off. 

Frustrated drivers are known to disobey traffic safety laws in this messy area. Aggressive driving, also known as road rage, can lead to deadly accidents

Northwest 87th Avenue and Northwest 36th Street 

The intersection of Northwest 87th Avenue and Northwest 36th Street in Doral has been deemed one of the most dangerous Miami intersections. The rush hours in this area are extremely unpredictable, as are the traffic jams. 

Combined with densely populated streets, this area is extremely dangerous for motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians alike. 

Hurt in an Intersection Accident? Reach Out to a Miami Lawyer

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