Suing A Trucking Company After An Accident

Identifying the responsible parties in truck accidents is often a complicated process. You’re likely to be investigating and suing multiple parties, not to mention the additional road safety regulations that will govern your case. 

Trucking companies have a legal duty to ensure the safety of their drivers, vehicles, and cargo while on the road. This way, they’re protecting other road users from accidents and injuries. When a company doesn’t take these required measures, and their driver hits someone, they could be financially liable for the resulting damages.

Unsure where to begin when suing a trucking company after an accident? Here’s what you need to know. 

When Can I Sue a Trucking Company after an Accident?

Truck accidents tend to cause a lot of damage. The sheer weight of commercial vehicles ferrying goods is likely to leave you with severe injuries when it hits your car and can even lead to death in severe accidents

Your auto insurance may not be sufficient to cover all these damages, making you eligible for a claim against the party at fault. You can sue a trucking company after an accident if you can prove it acted out of negligence, which caused your pain and suffering

Trucking accident claims are complex because multiple people may be liable for or involved in the accident. So how do you know when it’s the trucking company that should take responsibility? 

Here are some circumstances when a commercial transportation company is responsible for your truck accident injuries: 

  • The driver was in the course of work so their employer may be automatically liable through vicarious liability
  • The trucking company failed to perform proper maintenance, repairs, and services to ensure their safety on the road. 
  • The company failed to perform background checks on their drivers to ensure they’re qualified and have proper licensing
  • The commercial carrier failed to adhere to the standard hours of service guidelines and overworked their drivers
  • The company did not load the cargo properly, or the truck was overloaded. 

Partnering with a lawyer gives you a smooth investigation experience to determine what caused the accident. You can focus on healing from the experience as our compassionate legal team fights to bring you justice.

Challenges When Suing a Trucking Company

Truck accident claims are not as straightforward as passenger car accident cases. You’re facing a lawsuit against a large company, and you’ll need to act within a statute of limitation period of four years.

Such companies tend to have a robust legal budget as well. They’re willing to hire a huge defense team to ensure they pay the least settlement possible. Get an attorney with a track record of winning claims for truck accident victims.  

Get a Free Consultation With a Truck Accident Lawyer

Trucking companies don’t go down easily in the face of legal matters like an accident lawsuit. Protect your rights and future well-being by reaching out to a truck accident lawyer for the legal support you need. 

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