Beasley v. United Casualty Insurance Company of America

First DCA

Beasley v. United Casualty Insurance Company of America
1st DCA
5/17/23, Per Curiam (C.J. Rowe, and Judges Lewis and Long)

Topics: Continuance; Summary Judgment Standard

Beasley moved for a continuance of a summary judgment hearing. He argued that he had surgery a month before the hearing, and the surgery prevented him from responding to the motion. “But Counsel was cleared to work by a physician 17 days before the hearing and had over 50 days before his surgery to respond. Counsel was also one of two attorneys working for Beasley and Beasley did not explain why the second attorney could not handle the response.” The appellate court noted that the denial of the continuance was reasonable, and the court found no abuse of discretion and affirmed. Apparently this was the only issue raised in a direct appeal. ersionID=982b400c-2ddf-4be8-b451-8a3a3b5581ad

Terry P. Roberts
Director of Appellate Practice Fischer Redavid PLLC
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