When to Get a Lawyer for a Civil Rights Violation

Civil rights violations can be broken down into two categories: those that involve due process, and those that involve equal protection under the law. Equal protection civil rights violations are based on race, religion, national origin, or sex. Due process civil rights violations occur when there’s improper deprivation of life, liberty, or property. 

Identifying potential civil rights abuses can help you understand when to get a lawyer for a civil rights violation. Here’s what you need to know about civil rights violations and how a lawyer can help you face your legal case. 

Taking Action After Police Brutality

Police officers are required to perform their jobs effectively while also protecting the civil rights of the people involved. If a law enforcement officer violates your basic rights by engaging in excessive force when arresting you, you should contact an attorney for advice as soon as possible.

Don’t be afraid to take a stand against police brutality. Your civil rights lawyer can guide you through your case and help you protect your rights through your lawsuit. 

False Arrest and Illegal Detention

An arrest can already be intimidating and scary, but that fear may be amplified if you feel you’re being falsely arrested. False arrest by police officers is a civil rights violation. You may have been falsely arrested if:

  • Police officers didn’t have probable cause to arrest you
  • You were arrested after refusing to give consent to be searched
  • Officers entered your home without a warrant during an illegal search

As a victim of false arrest, you may pursue a claim against the officer and the municipality where they work if you suffered damages. These damages may include physical injury or mental anguish due to the illegal detention.

Your Rights Against Discrimination

Discrimination can leave you feeling unwelcome or even unsafe at your job, at school, or in a place of business. If you’ve been discriminated against based on your race, gender, age, or disability, you may have valid civil rights claim. Examples include:

  • Discrimination in Education – If you’re a student or faculty in a school, you may have been discriminated against by school officials for your skin color, been bullied by other students, or been untreated fairly by teachers. 
  • Discrimination in Hiring – An employer is breaking the law if they refuse to hire an applicant based on blatant biases. For example, if an employer refuses to hire a person because they are over 40 years of age, African American, or a woman, that person may have grounds for a lawsuit.
  • Discrimination in Housing – As with all types of discrimination, housing discrimination has many forms. For example, if you’ve been denied housing because of your race, religion, or other factors, you may have grounds to sue.

Get an Attorney for a Civil Rights Violation

You should never have to accept a civil rights violation without compensation for your suffering. You have a chance to take action, and knowing when to get a lawyer for a civil rights violation is crucial.

If you’ve been the victim of a civil rights violation, the lawyers of Fischer Redavid PLLC will perform an in-depth review of your circumstances and provide advice on steps you should take to right the wrong and begin recovery. Call (888) 694-0708 or chat online with an attorney from our firm.