What Can A Personal Injury Lawyer Do That I Can’t?

Many people suffer injuries from accidents in Florida every year. If you are one of these people, you may consider filing a personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim to recover compensation for your losses. You may also wonder if you should hire a personal injury attorney instead of representing yourself – and the answer is yes. A personal injury attorney has the background, training, and skills necessary to significantly benefit your case.

Your Attorney Can Enter Into Negotiations With Insurance Companies

When you file a personal injury claim, you will have to enter into negotiations with an insurance claims adjuster. The adjuster will examine your injuries and damages, offering you a settlement based on your damages. However, it is important to know that insurance companies are not working in your best interest. Since they are the entity who pays for your claim, they want to offer the lowest settlement possible.

If you have a personal injury attorney on your side, you can evaluate any offers you receive and determine if they are fair for your situation. Your attorney is there to protect your best interests, so he or she will have no issue arguing for a higher settlement on your behalf. In addition, entering into a negotiation situation without proper training or experience can result in unsuccessful outcomes. Your attorney will have the skills necessary to navigate your negotiation.

Your Attorney Can Conduct Thorough Investigations

Whether you are filing an insurance claim or lawsuit, you will need to collect evidence to build a compelling case. Without an attorney who has the authority to access certain information, you can run into barriers while collecting evidence. When you hire a personal injury attorney, he or she has the resources, network, and knowledge necessary to launch a thorough investigation.

Your attorney will contact police departments to receive any reports about your case. He or she will also visit your medical providers and collect your bills and records. In addition, your attorney can also contact medical experts who can provide testimony on your behalf, proving the significance of your injuries. Your attorney will also review security footage, interview witnesses, and conduct accident reconstructions, along with any other necessary steps in the investigation process.

Your Attorney Knows the Legal Process

Receiving a personal injury settlement can take a very long time. While the actual length will vary from case to case, the process can take a year to two years on average. If you make any errors during this process, it can take even longer for you to receive settlement.

However, hiring a personal injury attorney will ensure that you can complete the claims process without any errors or setbacks. Your attorney will have significant experience handling your type of case and will know what you need to do, by what deadline, and with what information so that you are not scrambling to figure it out. In addition, you can hand your case details over to your vendor so you can focus on your recovery, not paperwork – and this can lift a significant burden off of you.

Your Attorney Knows How to Prove Your Case

Proving a personal injury case requires you to satisfy a number of elements, backed up with sufficient evidence. You need to prove that the at-fault party owed you a duty of care and broke it, causing your injuries and damages. Your attorney will know the strategies necessary to prove all of these elements and give you the best chance at securing a successful outcome.

Many Florida residents refrain from hiring a personal injury lawyer because they believe that they cannot afford the legal fees. However, many personal injury firms offer contingency fee arrangements to lower out-of-pocket costs. You will not pay legal fees if your attorney does not secure a settlement on your behalf. If you do win compensation, your attorney will take an agreed-upon percentage of your settlement as payment. If you need a Hollywood, Florida personal injury attorney, contact one as soon as possible.