What Does A Personal Injury Attorney Do?

So, what does a personal injury lawyer do? It’s a great question. I can’t really attest to what other lawyers do at other firms— they might just handle the court proceedings for personal injury cases and call it a day. But I know that what I do, and I focus exclusively on personal injury matters. I wear a multitude of different hats for my clients. First and foremost, I’m a manager, I deal with the paperwork. There’s a lot of red tape involved in any legal matter, and that’s not for my client to worry about. I coordinate my team, and we take care of that. I also gather the evidence for their case. I go to the scene, I hire reconstructionists, I look at things first-hand. Plenty of attorneys are happy to look at the evidence in pictures or read reports. That’s not how we do things, and that’s not how we’ve ended up having the success we’ve had. Being hands-on with every element in the case has gotten me the track record I have, and I wouldn’t do it any other way.

I’m an advocate. I go to court and I fight for my clients against the insurance company, the hospital, the corporation. Anyone who says that my client doesn’t deserve justice, who says that they don’t deserve to be compensated, will have to take that up with me. Whoever my client files their claim against is going to have representation of their own— likely expensive and intimidating. But we are not intimidated, and I won’t let my clients be bullied. I stand up for them.

I’m a resource for these individuals, because nine times out of 10, no one has been involved in an accident before. They have questions, and I answer those questions. When you’re filing a lawsuit, often it’s because you’ve been put in a position of vulnerability, and that alone can be bewildering. Trying to figure out the legal system and the best way to pursue your case is even more difficult; that’s why I do that for them. My clients and I make decisions together, and I always make sure they’re capable of making an informed decision so they can best reach their end goals.

Lastly, I’m a counselor, I help these clients make crucial decisions every step along the way, whether that’s in their case, in the litigation process, or with respect to their medical treatment. By being at the center of their case and seeing all the factors they’re dealing with, I’m in a unique position to put it all together, take everything into consideration, and offer advice in a way that benefits them all around. My clients need someone they can trust to take care of them, to protect their best interests, and to act in ways that only benefit them. With all that I do, I fulfill that role.

People may think this is a lot to juggle and a lot to handle, all these different roles for each and every client. But you know what? Our clients don’t deserve anything less. If you’ve been the victim, and you’ve been injured as a result of an accident, or the negligence of someone else, give us a call today. We’re going to answer any questions that you have, ensure you get the best treatment, and maximize the recovery that you deserve.