What is Perinatal Asphyxia?

Perinatal asphyxia is a condition described when you have the loss or deprivation of oxygen to a newborn for a sufficient amount of time to cause injury. One of the common injuries that you see is a brain injury with the loss of oxygen to the brain, which in a newborn child at that developmental stage so early in their life, can cause lasting effects, developmental issues throughout their life.
Now, a family isn't prepared for something like this. A lot of times, parents want to blame themselves. The sad thing is it's no parents fault, but they feel that because they want the best for their child. They've entrusted their doctors and it's hard for them sometimes to think that the doctor, the one they entrusted, the one they hand-selected made a mistake.
At our firm, when someone is dealing with the effects of an injury from lack of oxygen to their newborn, we're going to find out what went wrong. We're going to investigate and we're going to get the medical records, get it over to the proper experts and have it examined and say, "Listen." At least we will know something went wrong and it's the result of the doctor or it wasn't. That can allow the family to deal, move on and give them the closure they need to move forward.

We Serve to Fight for the Accused & the Injured

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