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Jordan Redavid

Founding Partner

Few lawyers have the skills necessary to convince a jury to render a verdict in favor of their client, or convince an appellate court to give a new trial if they don’t. Jordan Redavid has demonstrated the ability to do both successfully.

Jordan Redavid is a trial lawyer who chooses to stand up for people in need against the government when it oversteps and insurance companies who attempt to intimidate and devalue human life. In a system of justice built on plea bargaining and quick settlements for little money, Jordan Redavid refuses to accede. His mission for his clients is to obtain the best resolution, not the fastest or the easiest. If the client’s best interests are served by presenting the case to a jury, that’s what he is going to do. Time and time again he has done just that, and time and time again he has won.

Jordan began his law career defending indigent people against state prosecution as an Assistant Public Defender for one of the most prestigious outfits in the nation: the Miami-Dade Public Defender’s Office. By choosing people instead of prosecuting them; by defending freedoms, not arguing against people’s liberty; Jordan drew a line in the sand early and he has never crossed it.

He quickly earned the reputation for being a fierce advocate and knowing how to win tough cases.

Jordan left the public sector to open his own law firm committed to continue to serve the people within his community, and he has done just that. While he still represents people accused of crimes, he also advocates for people who have been injured due to some other person or company’s fault. He is neither a criminal defense nor personal injury lawyer; he is a lawyer for people in need. The common thread is clear, though: make sure the government or an insurance company can’t bully and intimidate his clients into making bad decisions for their future.

To be a trial lawyer one needs to have tried cases.

Many lawyers will never, ever try a case to a jury verdict; others will try a handful in their career, and of those, never be “lead counsel.” Jordan has tried dozens of cases already, lead most of them, and won far more than he has lost. What’s more? Jordan has proven numerous times that “impossible” cases can be won, too. He has had juries acquit his clients of life-felony, armed-drug trafficking cases when the police raided the apartment and caught the client with drugs and guns everywhere, including his lap. He has had juries acquit clients of arson of a competing business owners’ business even when caught on video. Yes, Jordan won these cases flat out when every other attorney thought he was crazy for thinking it was possible. And those are only a few examples. On personal injury cases he has turned down million-dollar settlement offers only to fight harder, push farther and wind up getting his client a multi-million dollar recovery. He has had had clients that felt pressured to take $20,000 settlement offers only to take them to trial and recover 10x that.

Additionally, Jordan handles all of the appellate and post-conviction matters for Fischer Redavid PLLC. Sometimes clients come to us after already having lost at trial or accepting a deal they shouldn’t have. We don’t turn our backs. Jordan has won numerous criminal appeals and secured new trials for personal injury clients who deserved a fair trial and didn’t get one.

To achieve extraordinary results one must be willing to do the extraordinary.

Think creatively, work relentlessly, and not be influenced by intimidation tactics. It’s the quality of representation and results obtained that matter most. Jordan’s has earned Top 40 Under 40 Trial Lawyer by the National Trial Lawyers association and Super Lawyers Rising Star, too.


Jordan Redavid

Founding Partner

I have made my career standing up for people in need. The greatest reward is winning for those people who deserve it most and taking the fight to the government or insurance company who have gone too far.


  • University of Miami, B.A., M.S., and J.D.


  • Florida, Southern District of Florida, Middle District of Florida, 11th Circuit Court of Appeals


  • American Institute of DUI/DWI Attorneys – 10 Best 2016
  • The National Trial Lawyers – Top 40 Under 40
  • Better Business Bureau Accredited Business
  • Avvo Client’s Choice 2015
  • Avvo Top Attorney – Criminal Defense
  • Avvo – Top Contributor 2014
  • Super Lawyers
  • National College for DUI Defense