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Our client injured his leg in an automobile crash. This is a recent settlement with more information soon...


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Our client attempted to cross over a downed fence at a Homestead Florida flea market and fell, breaking his leg and requiring emergency surgery...



Client involved in a motor vehicle accident where she was struck by a dump truck who ran through a red light...


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If you have sustained an injury due to the negligence or recklessness of another individual, you are already going through an intensely stressful time in your life. Not only are you dealing with the physical and emotional trauma associated with any injury, you are facing the worry of lost wages, medical bills, physical therapy, and much more.

At Fischer Redavid PLLC, our dedicated team of Hollywood personal injury lawyers take every injury seriously, and we advocate on behalf of the injured to ensure that justice prevails. No one can change the past, but our personal injury attorneys take great pride in doing everything we can to help you secure your future.

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Personal Injury Law in Hollywood, Florida

Personal injury law gives accident victims the opportunity to seek recovery for their losses from the at-fault party/parties. It is a way for injured people to receive the financial assistance they need to pay for medical bills, make up lost income, repair property damage, and move on after a serious accident. The basis of most personal injury law cases is negligence. It is the injured party’s responsibility to prove someone else (the defendant) caused the accident through an act of negligence or intentional misconduct.

Negligence in a legal setting can refer to any act that a reasonable person would not have committed in similar circumstances or the failure to act when a reasonable person would have. For example, a reasonable and prudent driver would not text and drive since it is against the law in Florida and a dangerous form of distraction. Texting and driving, therefore, would constitute an act of negligence. If someone’s negligence causes another person’s injuries, you have the foundation for a personal injury lawsuit.

If you can show the defendant owed you a duty of care under the circumstances, acted outside of this duty, caused your accident, and caused you financial or physical damages, you have the four necessary elements for a successful personal injury claim in Florida. Our Hollywood personal injury attorneys can help you identify these four elements and collect evidence to help support your claim. We know how to build strong personal injury cases and recover groundbreaking verdicts and settlements.

Why Seek Help with a Hollywood Personal Injury Claim

Just because you can self-represent during a Hollywood personal injury case doesn’t mean you should. Most plaintiffs only consider self-representation to save money. This is counterintuitive, however, since a lawyer can recover greater compensation amounts than someone without legal expertise. Even with attorney’s fees deducted, the majority of plaintiffs will go home with much more money than they would have without a lawyer’s assistance. A lawyer gives you the edge you need during settlement negotiations or a personal injury trial.

Hiring a lawyer can help you relax and focus on recovery after suffering a personal injury. Instead of assuming the burden of legal processes while also dealing with medical treatments, a temporary or permanent disability, lost wages, and/or the death of a loved one, you can focus solely on yourself and your family while an experienced attorney takes care of your personal injury claim on your behalf. Retaining a lawyer you trust can give you peace of mind regarding your case while you concentrate on getting well.

A lawyer can also optimize your chances of securing maximum compensation. Insurance companies often try to take advantage of accident victims. They know most victims do not understand the full value of their claims and will try to offer smaller settlements than they deserve or deny the claim altogether. Working with a Hollywood personal injury attorney can level the playing field and ensure you don’t settle for less. Lawyers are professional negotiators who understand how insurance companies operate.

What to Do After a Personal Injury Accident

Most Hollywood, Florida citizens don’t think about personal injury law until they’re the ones in the hospital. If this sounds like you, it’s okay. You can rely on the skilled attorneys at Fischer Redavid PLLC. Our lawyers understand everything there is to know about personal injury cases and are available around the clock to answer your questions and help you through the claims process, no matter the stage of your case. The following steps are ones we recommend to all personal injury accident victims:

1. Stay on the scene and don’t admit fault. After any type of accident that causes personal injuries, stay on the scene to fulfill your legal duty. Fleeing the scene makes you look guilty, even if you’re not. It can also result in criminal charges. Don’t say you caused the accident. Instead, stick to the facts and let investigators assign fault based on the evidence available.

2. Contact the authorities. Keeping your accident under wraps will only serve to lower your chances of securing compensation in the future. Report the accident and any injuries to a supervisor, employee, insurance companies, and/or the police, as appropriate for the situation. Give your side of the story to the authorities as soon as they arrive and ask for report numbers.

3. Learn as much as you can about the accident. Unless you need to leave the scene in an ambulance, stay and gather information. Get the names of all other involved parties, their contact information, photographs of the scene, names of eyewitnesses, and a thorough description of what you think happened. If you can’t stay on the scene, ask a friend or family member to do so for you.

4. Visit a doctor. Requesting immediate medical care is one of the best things you can do for your case. Prompt care can give you physical and financial benefits. Emergency care shows insurance companies you took your injuries seriously and followed a physician’s treatment directions. Go to a hospital after an accident even if you feel okay. Tell authorities you aren’t sure whether you have suffered harm until you see a doctor.

5. Call a lawyer. As soon as you’re receiving treatment for your injuries, contact us and request a free consultation. We can speak over the phone, at our Hollywood office, or we can come to you at the hospital or your home. We’ll listen to your situation and give you our best legal advice, for free and at no obligation. We can walk you through the rest of the steps toward obtaining financial compensation.

Take care of yourself and your family first. Then, start thinking about the future. If you have serious and debilitating injuries, you might be looking at lifelong medical costs and wage losses.

A personal injury claim could give your family the financial recovery you need to cover these costs and move forward after an accident. Contacting our law firm is one of the best things you can do after an accident of any kind in Hollywood.

Types of Personal Injury Cases We Handle

How Our Lawyers Can Help

Fischer Redavid PLLC is here for you after a personal injury accident. Our lawyers have cultivated an outstanding reputation throughout Florida over the years. We’ve won awards for our client services and case results, including SuperLawyers, Avvo Clients’ Choice, a 10 out of 10 Avvo rating, National Trial Lawyers Top 40 Under 40, and the 10 Best Client Satisfaction Award for personal injury. What we do, however, isn’t about accolades. It’s about bettering the lives of people who come to us for assistance in dark times.

Dealing with a personal injury claim can be overwhelming. Our Hollywood personal injury lawyers can step in to immediately ease your mind and boost your chances of success. We’ll do everything possible to achieve optimal results for your claim – including taking major insurance corporations to court in pursuit of the verdict we believe your injuries warrant. Although we can successfully settle most cases outside of the courtroom, we aren’t afraid to go to trial on behalf of our clients. We take pride in our work.

From the moment you contact our law firm, we’ll inform you of your rights and list your options moving forward. If you decide to retain our firm, we’ll go to work immediately on building your case. Our lawyers will investigate your accident, talk to eyewitnesses, hire experts, and collect evidence. Then, we’ll file your claim with the correct Hollywood courts. We can take care of insurance settlement negotiations, argue for higher recovery awards, and take other steps to ensure you get the best results possible. Our main goal is to help your family.

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Our team of Hollywood personal injury lawyers understands the massive impact an injury of this nature can have on your life and the lives of your family. The associated costs, without the help you need, can follow you for the rest of your life.

Lifecycle of a Personal Injury Case

Most personal injury cases share a common lifecycle. The specific type of case and needs of a client vary greatly, but the path to justice and the process for financial recovery are usually similar. At any given moment a personal injury case is one of three phases: Prelitigation, Litigation, or Post-Resolution.

01 | Prelitigation

02 | Litigation

03 | Post-Resolution


This is where we will lay the foundation to build your case and explore the potential of resolving it without the need of filing a formal lawsuit. While you focus on getting the medical treatment you need to get better, we take steps to investigate and develop your case on issues of liability (who is at fault) and coverage (what insurance policies are available to recover from). At the right time we will then prepare a comprehensive “demand packet” to send to the at-fault party and their insurance company, which contains a formal settlement offer and supporting arguments and documentation. Depending on the case, this phase usually takes several months. If your case settles, it transitions to the Post-Resolution Phase. If it does not, it may transition to the Litigation Phase.

  1. Date of Injury
  2. Medical Treatment
  3. Investigating and Building Your Case
  4. Making a Formal Settlement Demand


Quite often, insurance companies will not offer fair value to resolve cases in the Prelitigation phase. They do it on purpose and will come up with every excuse. (“We are still investigating the claim. We need additional records from you. We think you are at fault, not our insured. We do not think your injuries are as serious as you do. We think your medical bills are too high.”). What’s important to know is that you are in control of your case, not them. They are hoping you will be discouraged and either stop prosecuting your case or get frustrated and take the money they are dangling in front of you. Rather than give in, we usually recommend taking the next step, which is filing a formal lawsuit against the at-fault party they insure. That same insurance company has a duty to defend that person, and they will almost always hire them a lawyer and pay for the cost of defense. Once in litigation, a case may take anywhere from 4-6 months (on the short end) or 12-18 months (on the longer end) to resolve. It all depends. If they come to the table and make a fair settlement offer at any point during this phase, we will convey it to you and give our honest opinion. If you settle it should be for the right reasons not because you are fed up with the process. It’s important to be patient in litigation especially. Insurance companies will try to continually deny, delay, and not pay in hopes that you will run out of patience. The legal system has many advantages, buts sometimes, no matter how hard we push, the wheels of justice turn slower than we’d like. But we will never run out of patience with you or your case. We want to deliver the best result possible for you, which usually means going to trial, not the fastest one. Whether your case settles or you go to trial and prevail, it will transition to the Post-Resolution Phase.

  1. Filing and Serving Lawsuit
  2. Discovery
  3. Depositions
  4. Expert Witness Consultations (as needed)
  5. Mediation/Settlement Conference
  6. Trial Preparation
  7. Jury Trial


There is a misconception that once a personal injury case resolves, whether by settlement agreement or a winning jury verdict, that the money becomes immediately available and disbursable. Simply put, that’s not true—not because lawyers want it that way, it’s just that there are final requirements that need to be addressed usually by law or rules of professional conduct. If your case settled, we need to draft and execute the settlement agreement itself, receive the funds, negotiate down and pay off any remaining medical bills or liens, and prepare a closing statement. If your case went to trial and you won, before we can receive any funds and complete the next steps we may have to defend against post-trial motions or appeals by the losing party. If your case settled, this process can be as little as 2-4 of weeks. If your case went to trial, it can be as long as a few months.

  1. If your case settled…
    1. Agreements and Release Covenants
    2. Receiving Funds from Insurance Company
    3. Trying to reduce medical bills and resolve existing liens
    4. Preparing Closing Statement
    5. Disbursing funds to client
  2. If your case went to trial…
    1. Post-trial motions
    2. Appeal
    3. Receiving Funds from Insurance Company
    4. Trying to reduce medical bills and resolve existing liens
    5. Preparing Closing Statement
    6. Disbursing funds to client