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Gainesville Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you or a loved one faces an accusation of criminal behavior, an arrest, or criminal charge, it’s vital to work quickly to protect your rights. Even a simple accusation can do serious damage to a person’s reputation, and an accused individual should find an attorney with experience in Florida law to prevent unjust punishments. Anyone in need of a Gainesville criminal defense lawyer should contact Fischer Redavid.

Look for Experience In a Florida Defense Attorney

The justice system often leans toward what is expedient rather than what is right in some cases, and it’s not uncommon for innocent people to face criminal charges due to mistaken identity, compromised evidence, or circumstance. An attorney with experience in criminal defense will help you prove whatever evidence against you is false, inaccurate, or weighted unfairly.

A good defense attorney will work diligently to poke holes in the prosecution’s case. The justice system in Florida and across the United States operates under a doctrine of presumption of innocence, which means an accused individual is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The burden of proof for a criminal charge rests with the prosecution, and it is up to the prosecution to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

An attorney can also help a guilty client argue for a better plea deal or reduced sentencing. In some cases, a prosecutor may be willing to reduce charges in exchange for information concerning an accused individual’s criminal ties to other individuals and organizations. A good attorney may also be able to help an accused individual who is an outstanding member of his or her community leverage his or her position during a criminal case.

After someone has accused you or charged you with a crime, meet with your lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your options. Your attorney will guide you through the process of preparing for depositions, witness stand questioning, and all other aspects of your case. Depending on the nature of your situation, your attorney can also help you arrange bail and other similar issues.

Common Defenses to Criminal Charges

Attorneys can use many methods to defeat a criminal charge. If you have proof you did not commit the crime in question, your attorney will help you gather evidence to bolster your alibi’s credibility. For example, imagine going out with friends when an armed robbery takes place nearby. You happen to match the description of the robber, and the police arrest you for armed robbery. Your alibi in this case would be that you were with your friends. Their statements, as well as receipts from the shops you recently visited and camera footage from the area corroborate your alibi, and you would likely defeat the charge.

Another possibility for a wrongfully charged individual is to simply allow the prosecution’s case to fall apart on its own. If you know you did not commit the crime, then the prosecution will almost surely fail in meeting the necessary burden of proof for a conviction. However, while a defendant absolutely has the right to remain silent and refuse to call witnesses, a defense attorney will likely recommend calling witnesses to the stand to counter the prosecution’s arguments.

A Gainesville criminal defense lawyer can make a real difference in the outcome of your case while helping you protect your rights. Contact Fischer Redavid PLLC today to schedule a free case evaluation with one of our attorneys. Once we review the details of the charges against you, we can help you build a solid defense.