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Category: Drug Crimes

Can You Get a DUI for Driving High?

Posted in Criminal Defense,Drug Crimes,Firm News on September 15, 2017

People traditionally associate DUI cases with alcohol, and with good reason. Drunk driving cases make up the overwhelming majority of them. But here in South Florida, we also see a slew of DUI charges for people who are accused of being impaired, not by alcohol, but by drugs or controlled substances. Those charges are less… read more

SCOTUS Rejects Interstate Marijuana Case

Posted in Drug Crimes,Firm News,The Courts on March 22, 2016

The Constitution gives the Supreme Court original jurisdiction in all cases in which a state is a party. Art. III, §2, cl. 2. Federal statutory law follows suit. 28 U.S.C. §1251(a). Nevertheless, earlier today, the Supreme Court refused to hear a case in which Nebraska and Oklahoma wanted to sue Colorado. I know, I know…. read more

Third DCA Takes on Daubert & Police Identification of Marijuana

Posted in Drug Crimes,Firm News on October 30, 2015

There’s an age old saying: “The wheels of justice turn slow.”  It’s been over twenty years since the United States Supreme Court decided Daubert v. Merrll Dow Pharmaceuticals, which held that Federal Rule of Evidence 702 should no longer be limited only to the “general acceptance”(or Frye)  standard for assessing the admissibility of scientific expert testimony.  Since that time, the federal courts have been dealing

This Day In Miami History – July 28 – The Miami Cocaine Pony

Posted in Drug Crimes,Firm News on July 29, 2015

Miami and cocaine are inextricably linked. (Refer to Cocaine Cowboys if you’re unsure why). And on this day in Miami history, the two appeared in a news story that was indelibly inked. On July 28, 1990 (*some reports show July 26, but shows July 28), Maximo Menendez fell into a coma (and later died)… read more

Bath Salts, Ignorance of the Law, and the “Knowingly a Bad Guy” Theory

Posted in Drug Crimes,Firm News,The Courts,Violent Crimes on May 23, 2015

We’ve all heard the expression that “ignorance of the law is no excuse.”  It means that a person cannot escape punishment for violating criminal laws regardless of whether he or she knew of their existence.  Being well versed in the laws doesn’t provide an avenue for relieve for criminals either.

Ultra Music, Ultra Arrests

Posted in Drug Crimes,Firm News on March 24, 2015

The Miami Ultra Music Festival is back — well, almost. It starts later this week. This festival brings people from all over the country to enjoy the festival and its EDM culture. I say, “Welcome to Miami.” (Unfortunately, so do the police). It always feels like the police harvest on these festival-goers; targeting them for… read more