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Hollywood Sex Crimes Attorney

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Few crimes strike a nerve with everybody, but sex offenses are one of them. Even for those people who don’t necessarily care what others think of them, there’s something different about the public perception that comes when someone is accused or convicted of a sex crime. It can have profound implications, even beyond the criminal penalties imposed. Reputation, employment, family — these are all impacted when someone is charged with a sex offense. All crimes are serious, but sex offenses — especially in Florida — need the attention of a serious Hollywood sex crimes lawyer.

Fighting Prostitution Charges

The giving or receiving of one’s body for sexual activity for hire (except between spouses) is a crime, and it’s one of the oldest crimes in Florida. Even in 2015, the old adage “it’s your body, do want you want with it” doesn’t carry any weight in a court of law.

Not only are prostitution-related activities illegal in Florida, there are special police task forces, or V.I.C.E. Squads, that target areas, set up undercover operations, and make hundreds of arrests. Male or female, the law doesn’t discriminate. But this is not all the police are doing. The police are now trolling websites that commonly advertise escorts and trying to make easy arrests.

The police are good at what they do. They will deceive you, mislead you, and get you to let your guard down. Don’t be fooled —police don’t have to identify themselves upon request, and entrapment, while a real legal defense, is seldom applicable. To beat these cases, you need an experienced Hollywood criminal defense attorney to build you a solid case.

Don’t Let a Misunderstanding Haunt You for Life

Call Fischer Redavid PLLC at (954) 860-8434 today if you are facing sex crimes charges of any kind. We have everything you need to help you fight!