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Refusing DUI Tests in Hollywood

Providing a Strong Defense for Refusing a DUI Test

As long as you have driving privileges, the possibility of being investigated for DUI will always be on the horizon. That is why it is important to arm yourself with the right information that can protect you from facing severe punishments regardless if you’re guilty or not. During a DUI investigation, the arresting officer will most likely subject you to provide chemical testing such as a breathalyzer test or blood and urine sample. At Fischer Redavid PLLC, we know that the first question on your mind is whether it’s okay or not to refuse these tests. To answer in all honesty, providing these pieces of evidence is basically a no-win situation for you. If you blow in the Intoxilyzer 8000 and hit a .08 or higher BAC, you can say goodbye to your driving privileges and expect your case to be more difficult to defend. On the other hand, if you pass the breathalyzer exam, the arresting officer will have to subject you other tests since flagging you down already gave them “probable cause” and they will just have to prove this through other means.

You have the right to refuse to provide the prosecution the scientific evidence they need to convict you. Our Hollywood DUI attorney has defended countless clients with “refusal cases” and has never lost a DUI case. Trust that we can provide you with the strong defense in fighting off your DUI charges even if you have refused to take the breathalyzer or blood and urine tests.

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What to Do If Asked to Take a Breathalyzer or Chemical Testing?

Refusing a breathalyzer or chemical testing may be a difficult proposition considering that being flagged down for a possible DUI is already a frightening experience on its own. However, if the arresting officer has already asked you to perform field sobriety exercises, that may be enough. The police may also resort to intimidating you with consequences for your refusal. To be clear, refusing a breathalyzer exam does have certain consequences but when you have our Hollywood DUI lawyer on your side, you can be confident that we will aggressively fight for you to prevent you from facing the consequences.

Penalties for refusing to take a breathalyzer or blood and urine test include:

  • Longer license suspension
  • If you this is your second refusal, you are at risk of facing a separate misdemeanor crime

Fischer Redavid PLLC Are Ready to Go the Extra Mile for You

If have been arrested because of your refusal, we recommend that you contact Fischer Redavid PLLC immediately. Our firm has always been on the side of the accused and we never take a plea bargain just because it’s easier for everyone. We are dedicated to going the extra mile for you to help you obtain the results that you want and deserve.

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