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Drug Paraphernalia Charges in Hollywood

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Under Florida law, it is unlawful for any person to use, or possess with intent to use, drug paraphernalia. The definition of “drug paraphernalia” is so broad that it provides police officers ample opportunities to make an arrest.

It’s important that you have a skilled Hollywood drug paraphernalia attorney on your side who understands the law in these complicated cases. Call (954) 860-8434 today.

What Is Considered Drug Paraphernalia?

Drug paraphernalia is defined as anything used in conjunction with controlled substances. This includes:

  • Tools used to plant, cultivate, grow, and harvest
  • Manufacturing or compounding equipment
  • Tools used to produce, process, or prepare
  • Testing and analyzing equipment
  • Packing, storing, containing, or concealing packages
  • Paraphernalia used to inject, ingest, or inhale a controlled substance

When you think about it, what can’t arguably be considered drug paraphernalia?

Moreover, not only is it unlawful to possess drug paraphernalia (first-degree misdemeanor), it’s also unlawful to manufacture, deliver, or possess with intent to deliver it to another person (second or third-degree felony). What about that glass pipe that’s sold in a smoke shop? The “rolling papers” sold over the counter at countless stores? Plastic baggies? Scales? These objects, while perfectly legal to buy, may, in the eyes of police, be a crime to possess.

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