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Hollywood Internet Crimes Attorney

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Internet and cyber crimes cases are serious. Technology is constantly changing and evolving, which means that the methods to conduct criminal activity using technology and the internet are doing the same thing. In the old days, “spamming” was leading the pack. Now, there are a variety of criminal charges that can stem from alleged misuse of technology. The State of Florida has dedicated task forces to investigating criminal activities that use the internet, and the federal government has joined the fight. The investigations can be intense, and the consequences great. If you or someone you care about has been accused of an internet crime, don’t hesitate to contact Fischer Redavid PLLC. Our Hollywood internet crimes attorney is tech-savvy and grew up with the internet while some attorneys are still figuring out what it is. We can steer you in the right direction and provide a solid defense strategy geared towards favorable outcomes.

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Different Types of Internet Crimes

If you are being accused or investigated for an internet crime, know that our Hollywood criminal defense lawyer is ready to defend you. We are well-versed in cyberspace laws as well as in trial-tested strategies that can help you obtain that you want and deserve.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of the types of internet crimes that are commonly prosecuted:

  • Phishing – “Phishing” occurs when someone unlawfully sends an email or text message that appears legitimate but truly intends on getting other people to divulge sensitive or private information, like credit card and bank account details. Sometimes, these campaigns will appear to come from very credible companies. However, just as the internet can be used to facilitate crime, it’s also used by law enforcement agencies—both state and federal—to investigate.
  • Cyberbullying & Cyberstalking – Using a phone, computer, or tablet to communicate to harass another person through electronic means can be a crime. In recent times, these “cyberbullying” and “cyberstalking” cases have garnered national media attention. Even beyond the media, police agencies have begun to focus on these cases.
  • Malware & Spyware – Using or sending malicious software (commonly referred to as “malware”) can be a crime. These cases usually arise when a virus, Trojan, or worm is used to gain access to another’s computer. “Spyware” involves the use of any technology whereby someone gains access to another’s computer or personal information without authorization.
  • Identity Theft – Stealing another person’s identity does not have to mean that you take on their entire life as if it were your own. Making a commercial transaction online using someone else’s credit card, or opening lines of credit under someone else’s name all qualify. Sometimes, people are framed as identity thieves when in fact they are actually victims.

Let the Hollywood Lawyers at Fischer Redavid PLLC Advocate Your Rights & Best Interests

Unlike our internet crimes attorney in Hollywood, many seasoned lawyers not tech-savvy enough to understand internet laws. With Fischer Redavid PLLC, you can be confident that we grew up with the internet and continue to evolve with technology. Let our team help you protect your rights and advocate the outcome you want and deserve.

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