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Hollywood Government Fraud Defense Attorney

Protect Your Rights & Your Future in Government Investigations

When government officials, whether at the state or federal level, believe that someone is trying to defraud the government, they take it very seriously. These types of prosecutions usually arise when the government thinks that someone is trying to deceive them as it relates to funding for federal housing, contracting, or educational grants. These investigations can be lengthy and costly, so hiring a criminal defense attorney sooner rather than later is advisable. Often our skilled Hollywood criminal defense attorneys can work to avoid criminal charges being filed in the first place.

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What Is Government Fraud?

Government fraud covers a number of illegal situations. Because the crime is considered to be committed against not only the government but also the taxpayers, the harshest penalties are sought and both civil and criminal charges are often filed. It is also worth noting that whistleblowers, or those who report government fraud, are usually rewarded for their role in a fraud case.

Among the types of government fraud are:

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