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Hollywood Criminal Extortion Defense Lawyer

Fischer Redavid PLLC Provides Highly Qualified Representation

Extortion is a white collar crime wherein someone attempts to gain something from another person by threatening them. It is a felony under Florida law. Extortion is often referred to as “blackmail,” as in the case where someone threatens to reveal another’s secrets, but extortion encompasses more than just blackmail.

Extortion occurs when the following elements are all present:

  • A threat of death, physical harm, or psychological harm
  • An intent to gain something of value from the threatened person
  • The threat is malicious in nature (i.e. intentional and without legal justification)

Importantly, the accused need not have the ability or even the intent to carry out the threat in order to commit extortion. Extortion is different from a robbery in that robbery involves an immediate threat of harm, whereas extortion involves a threat at any time. Proving the intent behind a defendant’s actions is not always easy for prosecutors to accomplish. This allows our experienced Hollywood extortion defense attorneys an opportunity to argue for a lesser charge from prosecutors, or argue for an acquittal at a jury trial.

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Skillful Representation for Extortion Defense

Successfully defending against extortion charges requires a thorough understanding of the law and a carefully crafted argument. You need an attorney on your side who can find a weakness in the prosecutor’s case and exploit it. Your attorney must also have a reputation for taking cases to trial if the plea agreement offered is not good enough. Trust Fischer Redavid PLLC for that combination of ability and reputation. We work as hard as we can to learn your case inside and out, negotiate with prosecutors and, if necessary, argue your case to a jury to keep you out of jail.

Extortion cases are surprisingly common and are not to be taken lightly. Sometimes, even seemingly innocuous behavior can become criminal. Don’t fight these cases alone and don’t settle for just any attorney. You need the help of superior, hard-working criminal extortion defense attorneys in the Hollywood area.

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