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Criminal Records in Hollywood

Get the Help You Need from Fischer Redavid PLLC

Having criminal charges on your record can be extremely problematic when it comes to getting gainful employment, qualifying for loans, or even having access to certain types of housing. Understanding your criminal record, as well as what can and cannot be hidden from potential employers, landlords, or loaning entities can be extremely helpful as you try to move on with your life. Our skilled Hollywood criminal defense attorneys can help you to take your life back.

Sealing & Expunging a Criminal Record

Contrary to popular belief, sealing and expunging are not interchangeable. Sealed records cannot be accessed by most government databases or employers. On the other hand, an expunged record can be accessed by government agencies, but can only do so with a court order. It is important to remember that even if you were acquitted, or your case was dropped or dismissed, the records of the charge may remain unless you work to remove it. At Fischer Redavid PLLC, we believe that everyone deserves a second chance!

Bench Warrants & Alias Capias

If you miss a court appearance and the clerk’s office can verify that you were notified, a judge may issue a warrant called a bench warrant. A bond amount is set after the bench warrant is issued, and that is how much you must pay out of jail if “picked up” on a bench warrant. An Alias capias, also known as an AC warrant, is an equivalent warrant but for felony cases.

Having a highly skilled and attentive Hollywood criminal defense lawyer can help you quash any standing bench warrants, or avoid them in the future. We can help you to ensure that your address is kept current with the courts, as well as inform you when you have a court date at which your presence is required.

A bench warrant or AC warrant will not just go away. Contact our firm for help handling your case!