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Hollywood Credit Card Fraud Lawyer

Tenacious Representation to Fight Your Charges

Are you being investigated for credit card fraud? Our Hollywood criminal defense attorney at Fischer Redavid PLLC can help you. We are a premier firm that has been helping countless clients with similar cases to yours. In the years that we have been in practice, we have always sided with the accused. We have never worked for the prosecution so you can be sure that we never take a plea bargain just because it’s an easier way to finish the case. At our firm, we are ready to take every legal avenue possible to help you obtain the outcome that you want. Let our skilled lawyers steer you in the right direction.

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Understanding Credit Card Fraud

A credit card is perceived to be an “access device” at both the state and federal level. Fraudulent misuse of this access device results in a felony.

Common examples include:

  • Unauthorized use of someone’s credit card
  • Skimming of information from an unsuspecting person’s card and later using that information to create and use a fake card, sell the information online, or make purchases with it online

When broken down into its parts, the law prohibiting bank fraud covers a wide array of potential activity. From lying on a loan application to passing bad checks, the federal law casts a wide net.

Multi-Jurisdictional Prosecutions Are a Growing Trend

There is a growing number of tasks forces at both the state and federal level that investigate credit card fraud. Often, they will both make arrest prosecute their own cases. Gone are the days when the state drops their case to let the feds handle it. The good news is, there is no need for you to worry as long as you have Fischer Redavid PLLC as your representation. We are knowledgeable in trial-tested defense strategies and can get you the results that you want.

Other Criminal Charges That Might Accompany It

At the federal level, each count of alleged credit card fraud is usually coupled with an additional charge of “Aggravated Identity Theft,” which carries a minimum mandatory prison sentence of 24 months. In some cases, like skimming operations, the accused may also be charged with trafficking in unauthorized access devices. Like trafficking in drugs, there is a volume or quantity threshold. Here, it is 15 access devices or more.

South Florida as Haven for Fraud Cases

For whatever reason, South Florida is a haven for fraud cases, especially including credit card fraud. Because of that, the government agencies are skilled in investigations; the prosecutors are experienced in obtaining convictions; and the judges are tired of how many cases they see, which makes sentencing stringent. This makes hiring Fischer Redavid PLLC’s best Hollywood credit card lawyer critical to a successful defense. We are knowledgeable about the different strategies that can effectively fight your fraud charges.

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