How long can you go to jail for a DUI?

A common fear of people accused of DUI is being sent to jail if they're convicted, and with good reason. It's still a crime and even if it's your first time, a judge could always have the discretion to send you away, even if it's for 10 or 20 days. I take that very seriously. My objective is to make sure we avoid a conviction and avoid jail at all costs. But there's a careful balance and analysis of risk that needs to go into a case.

How strong are our defenses? How confident are we that we could prevail? Even if we don't prevail, how confident are we that we could present sufficient mitigating evidence to explain to the judge why jail is not appropriate as a punishment. But these are all things that you need to speak with your lawyer. I talk about this with my clients routinely at every step of the way. Because the decision to go to trial or the decision to enter a guilty plea should not be done without first carefully considering all of the potential ramifications.

Although jail is the primary consideration of most people's worst fear for what happens if I get convicted of a DUI, there are so many other potential consequences that it's critical you speak with a lawyer who knows about them, has the experience not just with DUI cases but with judges from all over the state. Different jurisdictions handle things differently. Someone like myself who can sit down with you and say, "Hey, given all of your unique circumstances, my wealth of experience tells me this is what the likelihood of this is.”


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