Can You Get an OUI for Driving High?

People traditionally associate DUI cases with alcohol, and with good reason. That makes up the overwhelming majority of them. But here in South Florida, we also see a slew of DUI charges for people who are accused of being impaired, not by alcohol, but by drugs or controlled substances. People usually don't first realize that they could even be charged. Many clients come into my office and say, "Hey, I smoked a joint before I drove." Or "I was out partying a little bit, I knew I wasn't drunk so I thought I was safe." And the answer is, you can't really insulate yourself from prosecution. If law enforcement feels that you are impaired, whether it's by alcohol or anything else, they're going to arrest you for DUI, they're going to prosecute you.

That's why you really need the benefit of a lawyer who has the experience of handling those cases. A DUI by alcohol is an entirely different animal than a DUI by controlled substances. Very often, a forensic toxicologist or blood or urine samples will be analyzed. You need someone with the experience who's read through those reports, deposed those experts, knows how to present the defenses that are truly available to you.

I've handled them. I know that stuff like the back of my hand. That's why I take pride in representing anyone accused of DUI, including by controlled substances

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