Ultra Music, Ultra Arrests

The Miami Ultra Music Festival is back — well, almost. It starts later this week. This festival brings people from all over the country to enjoy the festival and its EDM culture.

I say, “Welcome to Miami.” (Unfortunately, so do the police). It always feels like the police harvest on these festival-goers; targeting them for drug-related arrests. I’m always waiting for the honest officer to write in his or her Arrest Form: “Subject was seen wearing a lanyard around his/her neck with a ticket to the Ultra Music Festival. That, alone, gave me reasonable suspicion to suspect a drug crime had occurred, was occurring, or was about to occur. I grabbed his/her backpack, opened it without permission, and found __(insert drug of choice here)__.” (I won’t hold my breath to litigate that motion to suppress)

I hope everyone who attends the Ultra Music Festival stays safe, healthy, and, most importantly, free from police misconduct or detainment. Too many young people come down here needing an Ultra Music Festival ticket and, before they leave, need a Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer.

Remember, you do have constitutional rights; they’re inalienable (for the most part), at least in the sense that purchasing a ticket to the Ultra Music Festival doesn’t constitute a knowing, intelligent, and voluntary waiver of them.

If you or someone you care about has been arrested during the Miami Ultra Music Festival, don’t hesitate to contact a Hollywood Criminal Defense Lawyer at Fischer Redavid PLLC. We’re available 24/7.

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