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Month: July 2015

This Day In Miami History – July 28 – The Miami Cocaine Pony

Posted in Drug Crimes,Firm News on July 29, 2015

Miami and cocaine are inextricably linked. (Refer to Cocaine Cowboys if you’re unsure why). And on this day in Miami history, the two appeared in a news story that was indelibly inked. On July 28, 1990 (*some reports show July 26, but shows July 28), Maximo Menendez fell into a coma (and later died)… read more

Obama’s Prison Visit Highlights Apathy of Prior Presidents

Posted in Civil Rights,Criminal Defense,Firm News,The Courts,Violent Crimes on July 18, 2015

President Obama will forever be remembered as the “first” to do many things.  And with his recent visit to a federal prison in Oklahoma, he added to that list by becoming the first sitting president to make such a trip-no, not to El Reno Correctional Institution specifically (although that’s true too), but rather, to any federal prison in general.